Central African Tours

The travel division of CATS

Central African Travel Services is a travel and tourism management company that operates under three divisions: Central African Tours (CAT) the tourism arm of the company. Central African Aviation Solution (CAAS) the aviation transportation and handling arm of the company. AND Central African Travel & Events (CATE) which handles all events logistics, travel and consultation.

With representation in the following countries, we make sure we have someone who speaks your language just an email or phone call away for all your enquiries and questions.

Our vision today is to provide foreign tour operators, businesses, organizations, groups of people and individuals with effective travel services and assistance that will enable them plan, organize and execute their activities in the Central African sub region. Whether you are looking for a private jet, or a 4X4 jeep to take you to the most remote areas or planning an anniversary trip for your organization or organizing a full holiday trip for a group or individuals we can assist you from start to finish.

Recent Updates

[October 2009] CATS selected for CIEW Yaounde 2010 as Event Solutions Partner

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